Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Physical rehabilitation is a crucial component of our integrative care approach. It incorporates therapeutic exercises tailored to your pet’s unique needs. Our therapeutic exercise program offers numerous benefits for pets of all ages and conditions, from geriatric animals seeking to regain strength to those recovering from orthopedic or neurosurgery.

Key Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

Our experienced veterinary team is committed to working closely with you and your pet to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan that addresses their specific needs and goals. With our one-on-one consultations and specialized equipment, we offer a wide range of services to help your pet regain mobility and live a happier, more comfortable life.


Increased Strength and Flexibility

Our therapeutic exercises are designed to help your pet build muscle strength and enhance joint flexibility, promoting overall mobility and functional independence.


Improved Mental Stimulation

Introducing new and engaging activities into your pet’s routine provides mental stimulation, which is essential for maintaining their cognitive health and wellbeing.


Accelerated Recovery

Physical rehabilitation aids in the healing process for post surgical patients by re-establishing flexibility and promoting strength ultimately leading to a faster return to normal function.


Gait Retraining and Body Awareness

Our rehabilitation exercises can help improve your pet’s gait and body awareness, addressing any movement irregularities and promoting proper alignment, balance, and coordination

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