“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dr. Annie! She is FABULOUS! She has been treating my pup for almost 10 years, managing her bone, joint and general mobility issues with chiropractic care, acupuncture, therapeutic laser treatments and most recently hydrotherapy. What I appreciate most about Dr. Annie is not only her compassion, but the unique perspective she brings to animal rehab- her approach blends holistic treatment and functional veterinary medicine in a way that has truly worked wonders for my dog. Dr. Annie’s care and expertise have vastly improved the quality of my pup’s life over the past several years, not to mention my dog absolutely loves coming to see her! Dr. Annie treats her patients comprehensively and individually, no one-size-fits-all therapy. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind and genuinely cares about her patients and their humans. I couldn’t imagine a better place to take your pet for integrative rehab!”

~Cameron Huff

“Dr. Annie has been providing care for our three dogs between the ages of 10 and 14 years old for over the past 4 years. Our dog’s health concerns include arthritis, urinary incontinence, hip dysplasia, allergies and an auto-immune disease. Dr. Annie created an individual treatment plan for each dog, which includes acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, and Chinese herb supplements. The treatments have improved our dogs’ mobility, pain management, and incontinence resulting in a better quality of life. They remain active and playful in their senior years. We are beyond grateful to Dr. Annie for her expertise and guidance to ensure our furry friends have the best possible quality of life.”

~ Jeanette

I can’t say enough wonderful things things CARA. Our dog (Stella) has had two major orthopedic surgeries on her knee (luxating patella and torn CCL) and Dr. Annie and her team have taken such good care of us. Everything from making our first appointment, to our first consultation and evaluation, to the rehab plan has been done with such comprehensive care and compassion. Dr. Annie is caring, empathetic, and excellent at what she does. She cares about our family, Stella, and everything we have going on. Everyone at CARA always asks how we’re doing, how Stella is feeling, and how they can meet our needs. It is reassuring to see the same faces at every appointment and feel security in knowing that the staff knows what Stella needs. Dr. Annie and her team even made special treats for Stella because she’s young and has a hard time settling in for treatment. One of the best features of CARA is that they only do rehab, so Stella never feels nervous or anxious at CARA. She is so excited to go to rehab and see all of her friends. We are incredibly grateful to have found CARA and would recommend Dr. Annie and her team to anyone who needs this service for their pet. Thank you Dr. Annie and team!
~Alexis Dettmer

Dr. Annie and her team are a godsend! The dedication and guidance they have given us with Watson our French Bulldog with IVDD has given us hope, quality of life, and happiness for him. She understands nutrition, supplements, and if we could give her a 100 stars that’s still not enough for what she has given us back with Watsons happiness and health! She is dedicated to her patients and community!
~ Sara Yackley