We offer Hydrotherapy— a highly effective and versatile treatment modality that harnesses the unique properties of water to aid in recovery and maintain fitness for your beloved companions.

Hydrotherapy is a useful tool for recovery and maintaining fitness utilizing the properties of water such as warmth, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and physical resistance. The warm water is soothing for sore muscles and arthritis.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Your Pet

Our team of experienced veterinary professionals is dedicated to guiding your pet through the hydrotherapy process, ensuring your companion receives the optimal level of support and care tailored to their specific needs. By incorporating hydrotherapy into your pet’s rehabilitation plan, you can help them regain mobility, alleviate pain, and improve their overall quality of life.


Soothing Warmth

The warm water in our hydrotherapy unit provides a soothing environment for pets with sore muscles and arthritis, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort.


Reduced Edema and Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

The hydrostatic pressure of water helps decrease swelling and reduce edema by stimulating lymphatic drainage to promote your pet’s overall healing process.


Buoyancy for Joint Support

The buoyancy of water helps support aching joints by reducing the impact of gravity, allowing your pet to engage in comfortable and beneficial physical activity.


Gait Retraining for Neurologic and Orthopedic Conditions

Hydrotherapy is an excellent tool for retraining your pet’s gait and improving their mobility in cases of neurologic and orthopedic conditions.


Gentle Massage and Resistance Training

Our hydrotherapy unit’s jets provide a gentle massage effect, while also offering resistance training to help your pet build strength and endurance.


Underwater Treadmill with Adjustable Incline

Our state-of-the-art underwater treadmill allows for incline adjustments, accommodating varying levels of physical conditioning and offering a tailored exercise experience for your pet.

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