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Companion Animal Rehab & Athletics (CARA), is a leading facility dedicated to integrative rehabilitation therapy for pets. We provide individualized care for each animal and client, ensuring that every pet receives the customized care they need.

Our facility is designed for the comfort of animals and their owners, with no slippery floors and comfortable seating, making it a positive experience for all. We have clients from all walks of life who share a common interest and compassion for their animals. At CARA, we are committed to helping animals recover from injuries, surgeries, and illnesses, and improving their quality of life.

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Post Surgery Pets

Geriatric Dogs and Cats

Animal Athletes & Working Dogs

Dogs with Neurologic Conditions

Overweight Animals

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Companion Animal Rehab and Athletics is a client and animal focused business providing integrative rehabilitation services. Our focus is to provide high quality competent (holistic and conventional) veterinary care for animals promoting functional mobility for improved comfort, recovery, and independence.

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    Tiffany lives in Westmont with her husband, Matt, 10-year-old son, Liam, Beagle, Hope, and turtle, Speedy. She graduated from UIC in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in Biology, then worked as a veterinary assistant for 6 years until a client pointed her in the direction of Integrative Pet Care Chicago and, in turn, the field of canine rehabilitation. She has been working in the field ever since.

    While working at IPC Chicago, she attended CRI and received her CCRA. Currently, she is working towards a certification in canine massage through Canis Bodyworks and would also like to learn more about orthotic and assistive devices for differently-abled pets.

    Her favorite things about working in rehab are that the frequency with which she sees her patients allows her to form personal and lasting bonds with them, and that it requires a lot of creativity, as there is not a "one size fits all" approach to it.


    Jarred's career spans over 15 years in professional operations management within the restaurant and grocery industry. He brings a vigorous passion and enthusiasm to his work. Throughout the course of his various leadership positions, he has gained expertise in sales management, finance, accounting, and marketing.

    Jarred holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College.


    Dr. Ubatuba

    Dr. Annie Ubatuba grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012. After graduation, she completed a sports medicine-focused internship at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, KY. During her time as an equine veterinarian, she gained extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries in equine athletes. She began working as a small animal exclusive veterinarian after a horse-related injury. She has worked in several different clinic settings over the years and has opened her first practice, Companion Animal Rehab and Athletics, to serve animals in need of physical rehabilitation.

    As a veterinarian, she began introducing integrative therapies into practice initially with her acupuncture certification through the Chi Institute in 2015. She then pursued certification in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (chiropractic) through the Healing Oasis Wellness Center in 2016 and in canine rehabilitation therapy from the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in 2019.

    Dr. Ubatuba is passionate about providing individualized care for each pet and helping them live a better quality of life through improved mobility. Our mission at Companion Animal Rehab and Athletics is to help animals maintain functional mobility for improved comfort, recovery, and independence. She loves spending time with her young daughter and husband. They have a busy house with two cats, three dogs, and a turtle. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, and spending time outdoors.